Feedback and complaints

We aim to provide the best service and care for the babies, children, young people and families we support. We would love to hear from you when we get it right but also when we get it wrong, so we can continually improve.

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If you would like to speak to someone about your complaint, please get in touch:

For our care services, email or call 01564 825 037. Please read the information below regarding our complaint process.

For fundraising, retail or anything else, email or call 01564 825 037.

Feedback about our care

If you wish to raise any concerns, you may do this in a number of ways:

  • By talking to a member of staff
  • By talking to a manager:
    • Head of Care
    • Head Nurse
    • Community Team Leader
  • By talking to the Director of Care Services

If you need an interpreter, Acorns will assist you with this. Following this, if you are not satisfied, we would encourage you to make a complaint.

If you wish to discuss a complaint with the Care Quality Commission, the Lead Office is:

Care Quality Commission National Correspondence, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA

How are complaints processed?

Verbal complains

  1. Any verbal complaints raised by children, families, volunteers, staff (not personnel issues) or another person regarding any aspect of Acorns care services will be heard and documented
  2. Staff receiving a verbal complaint will listen to the details and explain that they will discuss the issues raised with their Line Manager.
  3. The appropriate Line Manager will either deal with the complaint or request it to be dealt with by a more Senior Manager within two working days
  4. The Director of Care Services will be informed of all complaints
  5. At all times the person complaining must be advised to put the complaint in writing if they wish
  6. A full verbal response will be given to the person complaining and this will be documented
  7. If necessary, a written response will be given within 20 working days.

Written complaints

  1. Any written complaint raised by children, families, volunteers, staff (not personnel issues) or any other person regarding any aspect of Acorns care services will be heard and acted upon
  2. All complainants will receive a written acknowledgement within two working days of receipt of the complaint
  3. A full response will be given within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint, or where the investigation is still in progress, a letter explaining the reasons for delay. The full response to follow within five working days of the conclusion of the investigation
  4. Any written complaints will immediately be brought to the attention of the Director of Care Services.

Training and administration

The Senior Care Management team will review quarterly complaints received, outcomes and any lessons to be learnt.

External to Acorns, interpreters will be made available to establish good and clear communications, when necessary, with Acorns meeting the financial cost.

At every stage of the complaints process, all complainants will be helped to feel comfortable and that their complaint will be acted upon and valued.

On being accepted as an Acorns client, a copy of the Acorns Complaints Procedure will form part of the Welcome Pack of information given to families. All families will receive a copy of the Complaints Procedure within 28 days of being accepted as an Acorns client.

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