Acorns Strategy 2022 – 2025

For Any Child

Whatever happens in this uncertain world, our overarching purpose at Acorns and something that is at the heart of our new Strategy, is to be here for any child and their family that needs our specialist care. What this Strategy outlines are the specific goals we know we must achieve in our determination to reach as many children and their families as we can over the next three years.

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I just love the place, I really do. And if the time does come and Esme’s time is up, I’m glad that I have Acorns. I know that whatever will be in the future, I’m going to have the support and care that I need to get through it. Without Acorns I don’t know what we would do.

Jenna, Esme’s mum

What we’ve achieved

We’re so proud of everything we’ve achieved for the children and families that need us over the past year.

How you can help

We simply wouldn’t be able to continue our work without the support of our local communities, whether through the gift of time, by helping us spread the word or by donating.