Acorns Bridge Strategy April 2021 – March 2022

When the Covid-19 crisis developed in March 2020, Acorns had one year left on our Making Every Day Count strategy, a three year plan that had been adopted by our Trustees and published in April 2018. Recognising how Covid-19 had changed almost everything, we had no choice but to immediately abandon the remaining year of our strategy.

In its place, we published our Covid-19 Emergency Response Plan at the end of March.

We updated our Covid-19 Emergency Plan twice as the pandemic has evolved, publishing a Phase 2 in June 2020 and then a Phase 3 in September 2020.

Despite the winter crisis and lockdown, the roll-out of vaccines in early 2021 feels like a genuine turning point in this pandemic. Our assumption is that things will start to feel very much better in the UK and across the West Midlands as the year progresses. However, we recognise a return to normal for the children and families we support will be a gradual process, and a full economic and social recovery may take years.

It is therefore not yet the right time for Acorns to be setting a new long term strategy. Instead, we are introducing a one year ‘Bridge Strategy’ focused on how our service and our charity will start to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis from April 2021 onwards.

Our strategic goals

Our vision at Acorns remains that every baby, child and young person living in our region who is life limited or life threatened and their families will receive the specialist care and support they need.

Our vision feels more relevant than ever as our communities start to emerge from the worst of this coronavirus pandemic. There will be no better indicator on the quality of the country’s recovery than the support given in the years ahead to some of the most vulnerable young members of our communities, and their families.

Our mission at Acorns remains

  • To provide essential specialist palliative care services to babies, children, young people and their families across our region
  • To deliver these services in partnership with others
  • To champion the cause of children’s palliative care

We are confident we can continue to deliver these three pillars of our mission, whatever the year ahead holds.

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