Christmas is a time of giving. But today, will you give The Greatest Gift by donating to the Acorns Christmas Appeal?

Will you give the Greatest Gift to local children and families by donating to ensure we can be there for them?

A time to create treasured memories

Christmas is a time to create cherished moments with those you love. That time as a family is often the Greatest Gift.

For a family with a life limited child, time is even more precious. For them, the Greatest Gift is Acorns.

The place which brings them together and, in that moment, focuses on relieving worries and building moments full of love and joy

Alexus holding a picture of her twin sister, Natalie


Receive a bauble decorated at Acorns and a handwritten Christmas card.

Your gift could fund support for a family team worker, not just for Christmas, but for an entire year.


Receive a bauble decorated at Acorns, a thank you video from an Acorns colleague and a handwritten Christmas card.

Your gift could fund the role of a specialist children’s nurse for a month, creating magical Christmas memories.


Receive a bauble decorated At Acorns, a handwritten Christmas card and a bespoke festive thank you from Acorns CEO, Toby Porter.

Your gift could pay for 125 hours of care for a child who is spending Christmas at Acorns.

Mike (Dad), Alexus, Natalie, and Sam (Mum)

Born too soon

“Our twin girls, Alexus and Natalie, were born at 23 weeks. When born that early a baby’s lungs are not fully developed so both girls had trouble breathing.

Alexus started to grow and get better, but Natalie was not responding to treatment. We were in the hospital for 5 months and had barely been able to hold Natalie.

It was when we received the devastating news that there was nothing more that could be done for Natalie that we were referred to Acorns.”

We were a family for the first time

“Being at Acorns made us feel safe. The nurses were there to help and gave us experiences that any new parents should have.

We had our first cuddles, gave our girls a bath, and even watched the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Being there made us realise that what we were experiencing were the first feelings of being a family.

Acorns helped us capture as many memories as possible before Natalie finally, and peacefully, passed away in our arms.

There is nothing we wouldn’t give to have that week at Acorns again. We can’t thank them enough.”

– Mike, a thankful father and husband

Sam (Mum), Alexus, Mike (Dad), and new baby, Rachel

“Christmas is a time of year to focus on our children and family. Being able to give a family that time together, even if short, is priceless.

Creating memories for Mike and Sam and bringing them together as a family for the first time was The Greatest Gift.”

Julie, Family Team Worker

If you have any questions about our appeal or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Services team on 01564 825 037 during weekdays, 9 am – 5 pm.