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Sponsorship opportunities

Acorns have a wide range of unique sponsorship opportunities capable of delivering outstanding results which will help your company’s marketing budget work even harder for you.

Examples of available events to sponsor

From our flagship outdoor events such as the Bubble Rush and Santa Run and our prestigious Gala dinner dances and balls, we have the high profile activities that can give your company enormous brand exposure with “more bang for your buck!”

Additionally for local companies there are opportunities to sponsor an event in the heart of their community and cost effectively publicise their commitment to it.

Benefits of sponsoring Acorns

Partnering with Acorns through sponsorship of key publications and high profile events is an effective and visible way of meeting your CSR policy aims, whilst also providing great opportunities for PR and promotion of your organisation.

Acorns are one of the largest charities in the West Midlands and surrounding counties, with a loyal supporter database. Bringing a strong brand and over 25 years as an established charity, we can work with you to create the right proposition to the public.

For more information about event sponsorship, contact our Corporate team on or call 01564 825000

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