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Payroll giving

Payroll giving - we'll all be better off

Did you know you can make regular donations to Acorns directly from your salary? It is a hassle free way of supporting local life limited children and their families throughout the year. It is also tax-free - the donation is made after National Insurance, but before tax. This way, instead of the tax being sent to the government, it is sent to Acorns.
For example, as a standard rate taxpayer, if you pledge £5.00 from your gross salary each month (£1.25 per week) it will only cost you £4.00 but Acorns gets £5.00 thanks to HM Revenue and Customs not taking their share.

To find out more, download our guide for employers and for employees.

If your employer doesn’t have a scheme then information about payroll giving is at or contact the Corporate Team on or call 01564 825000.

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