Acorns Summer Splash 12 hour Challenge

Make a splash with us this Summer by joining the 12 hours for Acorns challenge, raising funds for your local children’s hospice! 

Simply think of something you want to do that can be done for 12 hours…either all at once or over a few days! With Summer in full force, why not pick a challenge based around water, cool down and get in the fundraising zone! You could choose one of the following:

  • Get your goggles out and swim an hour a day for 12 days 
  • Set up a Spotify playlist on your Give Penny fundraising page, people can request a song and donate. Ask people to make a donation by requesting a water themed song!
  • Test your strength with a 12 hour rowing challenge 
  • Take a walk around a lake or along the canal for 12 days?  
  • Have some foam-filled fun and host a 12 hour charity car wash
  • Dip into a bath full of baked beans for a 12 hour sponsored ‘soak’ 

The possibilities are endless so why not see what challenge you can come up with, the wackier the better!

How it works

It’s free to sign up to the 12 hour Challenge, all you have to do is pick your challenge, then set up your fundraising page on Give Penny. Just like JustGiving all funds raised through your Give Penny account are automatically sent to Acorns Children’s Hospice. You can easily share your Give Penny link on social media and in emails to friends and family who can donate and see how well you are doing. Make sure to regularly share the link, maybe with photos of their challenge, or a video of why you have chosen Acorns.

The difference your fundraising makes

Many of the children who come to Acorns use have limited mobility, so their joints and muscles become very stiff which causes great discomfort. We relieve this with physiotherapy and our hydrotherapy pools allow us to do this in a more effective way.

This summer you can make a splash for local children by helping to support our vital hydrotherapy pools and physiotherapists.

£40 could pay for sensory lights to provide a relaxing environment

£50 could pay for flotation devices to support a child in the water

£100 could pay for a family to have a complete hydrotherapy session with an Acorns physiotherapist

21 July 2021
30 September 2021
Wherever you like
Acorns Events team