Acorns 2021 Challenge

Make this a year to remember by joining #TeamAcorns for the 2021 Challenge

The challenge is simple – come up with an activity based around the number 2021 or 21 and help raise money for your local children’s hospice.

It can be anything you like – cycle 21 miles, do a sponsored silence for 2,021 minutes, do 21 cartwheels in your garden, or aim to raise £2,021 over the year. You can do whatever you like, the more unique the better – it’s your challenge, your way!

The 2021 Challenge is perfect for all ages and abilities. Use your skills and interests to guide your challenge and targets. Complete your chosen activity all in one go, over a couple of months or continue it through to the end of the year. If you are struggling to think of something to do, just get in touch and we can help! 

How it works

It’s free to sign up to the 2021 Challenge, all you have to do is pick your challenge, then set up your fundraising page on Give Penny. Just like JustGiving all funds raised through your Give Penny account are automatically sent to Acorns Children’s Hospice. You can easily share your Give Penny link on social media and in emails to friends and family who can donate and see how well you are doing. Make sure to regularly share the link, share photos of your challenge or even a video telling everyone why you have chosen to support Acorns Children’s Hospice.

The difference your money makes

Your fundraising will go directly to supporting our vital children’s hospice care. Each year over 800 local children and their families rely on our support and in turn we rely on people like you to fund our services.

£40 could pay for one hour of care for a child in a hospice

£50 could help us stay in close communication with families through these uncertain times, remaining a lifeline on the end of the phone

£100 could pay for a family to stay overnight at Acorns when their child needs emergency hospice care

1 January 2021
31 December 2021
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