Acorns Black Country Hospice is Safe!

The long-term future of Acorns in the Black Country is Secure

The long-term future of Acorns Children’s Hospice in the Black Country is secure

We are overjoyed to be able to announce that the long-term future of Acorns Children’s Hospice in the Black Country is secure.

This success is the result of an exceptionally generous community response, based upon an absolute determination to see the only children’s hospice in the Black Country keep its doors open for any child who needs this specialist care and support, now and in the future.

Charlie is just one of over 200 local children receiving vital care and support at Acorns in the Black Country. For Charlie’s family a world without Acorns is unimaginable. But thanks to your incredible support and continued generosity this local lifeline will be there for children and families like Charlie’s long into the future.

A massive heartfelt thank you!

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the many people and organisations who have so generously supported our Save Acorns Black Country Hospice Appeal since it was launched in July 2019.

You have given so generously to collections in pubs, at sports grounds and at outdoor events. You have sent in donations of your own and sponsored friends and family to do wonderful and amazing fundraising challenges. You have organised events for us or asked your employer to consider us as your charity of the year.

Taken together, everything you have done represents such a heart-warming success of community action and generosity and it is thanks to you that the long-term future of our Walsall hospice is now secure.

Please help us continue to be there for Black Country children and families

We can now be confident about the future but, like all charities, Acorns will always depend on donations from our local community, and the money we make from our charity shops.

Please keep supporting Acorns in the Black Country, so we can be there for every child and their family who needs us, now and in the future.


Help us to continue to be there for the children that need us

What next for Acorns in the Black Country?

Now that the future of the Black Country hospice is assured, our next plan is to refurbish all of the children’s bedrooms in the building, something that has not been done since we first opened our hospice in Walsall in 2000 and which we had to keep delaying when the future of the hospice was at risk.

This is a lovely project to be able to plan, as we know how much difference this will make to children and families staying with us. We rely on fundraising for the majority of funds needed to keep Acorns going, but raising funds specifically for the new bedrooms will now become our next fundraising focus in the Black Country. We will announce more details in due course.

In the meantime, help us continue providing lifeline care for children and families across the Black Country.


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