Local fundraising groups

Fundraising groups are a fantastic way to join together with like-minded individuals in your community to help organise fundraising events in aid of Acorns to help raise funds for our hospices across the region. Make new friends, meet new people and spread our message as you fundraise for Acorns Children’s Hospice.

How to set up a group

In the beginning its best to start small with a few members and build up your events and fundraising over time, although if there are more of you and you have a wealth of contacts you might want to start with something a bit bigger like a Dinner Dance or Ball.  Your group will need an elected leader or Chair and a Treasurer who will keep a log of all the funds raised and money spent on your fundraising.

By registering with Acorns as a fundraising group we will give you advice and support on;

  • How to use the Acorns logo and the right language to use
  • Promotional literature and fundraising tools such as collection buckets, boxes and balloons
  • Guidance on important issues such as health and safety
  • Help and support on setting up your group’s bank account
  • Appropriate training and induction
Acorns fundraisers on a fete stall

To find out more about supporting Acorns with a new fundraising group, or about becoming part of an existing fundraising group, please contact our Supporter Services Team on 01564 825 037 or email supporterservices@acorns.org.uk

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