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Major gifts, major memories

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Alice-square"You never think that something like this would happen to you. It’s the sort of thing you read about in a magazine, have a little cry, feel sorry for people, then get on with your life. Suddenly this was my baby daughter.

After Alice passed away, Acorns helped us through some of the darkest days that myself and my family would ever have to face"  - Jess, Alice’s Mum

Our donors are an incredible group of people. The vital funds we need to run Acorns are raised from individuals like you, whose generosity helps to make this happen.

Every moment is precious when a family realises their child’s life is limited. With your gift, we can make sure that we give children and their families as many special moments as we can.

There are many ways your gift can make a life changing impact to a life limited child and their family. Your generosity lets us:

  • Provide specialist medical and emotional care for life limited children
  • Provide short stays for children at one of our hospices, to give the family some respite from the difficulties of everyday life
  • Provide a hospice at home service
  • Provide bereavement support to the whole family for as long as they need it

Making your donation go further

You are probably aware of the Gift Aid scheme. However, Gift Aid only applies to the basic rate of tax (20%). If you're a higher rate income tax payer (40% or 50%), you can reclaim the difference between the basic rate of tax and the highest rate of tax you have paid after making a charitable donation, increasing the value of the donation even further. For example, a donation of £10,000 from you could potentially be worth as much as £15,625 to Acorns.

Acorns also welcomes the donation of shares.

If you would like to know more about which projects you could sponsor, or how you could help Acorns in areas where we have identified the most need, please contact our Major Gift Team:  or  01564 825017

Our promise to you

  • We will send you regular updates about the aspects of our work that interest you
  • You will be invited to exclusive Acorns events throughout the year
  • You will be welcome to visit your chosen hospice on a regular basis, to see first-hand the difference your support is making
  • You will be thanked publicly through key communications
  • We will listen. We welcome your honest feedback and will try our utmost to support your wishes

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