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Philanthropy is a person’s love of humanity; it’s their motivation to give, to help and to support in whatever way they can. At Acorns we rely heavily on our network of philanthropists, who help to make a vital and meaningful difference to our work, by helping us continue to care for life limited or life threatened children and support their families. 

“It’s an amazing place to bring your child. It gives us such peace of mind knowing that she’s looked after as well as we’d look after her.”

Would you be a philanthropist for Acorns?

At Acorns, we take great care to build meaningful relationships with our philanthropists; their support is unique, dependent upon their capacity to give and their motivation/drive to support us. Often these relationships stem from someone making contact with us, unsure of what exactly they can do to help but knowing they want to help in some way.

From the moment you contact us, our philanthropy team will work closely with you to understand your interests so that we can align specific projects and areas of our work to match your motives. We will keep you updated on how projects are going and you are welcome to visit your our hospices to see first-hand how your support is making a difference.

Michael's story

Michael contacted us after seeing our philanthropy section on the website, and wanted to know how he could help in some way.

Shortly afterwards, Michael had a tour of our hospice in Birmingham and an in depth discussion with a member of the fundraising team. During which it became apparent that Michael was particularly interested in both our sibling and Outreach work (which supports children and families at home). When he was young, Michael had a sister, Elizabeth, with a profound life-limiting condition. She was unable to walk, talk or feed herself. There were no children’s hospices at that time, and so with no offer of support the pressure of full time care was the sole responsibility of his mum. 

Following the meeting, the fundraising team worked closely with the Care team to outline two proposals, to match Michael’s areas of interest. Michael decided that Outreach was the area he most wanted to fund, and there were several discussions over the telephone about him potentially funding this service for Birmingham.

Several months after his initial contact Michael visited the hospice again and spoke with Acorns Chief Executive, the Director of Care Services, an Outreach Nurse and the fundraiser who had been his main point of contact. Feeling satisfied that his money would be well spent delivering Outreach services across the whole of Birmingham, Michael decided there and then to commit to a 3 year funding project.

Michael now receives regular updates on how his money is being spent, and he is invited to the hospice at regular intervals.

Examples of recent support provided by our philanthropy network

• Funding much needed medical equipment and nursing care
• Pro bono business support


Bob decided to support us by donating to the Acorns and Birmingham Hippodrome family project, which offers families the chance to engage in a special arts programme, creating special memories and experiences for them. These have included a themed visit to the Hippodrome, live performances, storytelling, songs and craft workshops, a backstage tour and the chance to meet the cast. All of which are captured by a professional filmmaker, so all families have a memento to remind them of their special experiences.

Bob said: "I was thrilled to be able to donate to the Acorns and Birmingham Hippodrome family project. I couldn’t attend the performance on the day so I watched the video that was put together instead. Seeing so many Acorns children and families have such a wonderful time made me feel like the money I’d donated had made a big difference. Not just for that day, but in helping families to create lasting special memories to treasure"

Stephen has been involved with Acorns in a number of ways, including donations to specific projects as well as family fundraising activities.

Stephen said: "I decided to support Acorns having heard about them through business contacts in the Midlands, I was able to choose where I wanted my donation to be spent, and since then I have been very involved with Acorns in other remits. I enjoy being updated by the philanthropy team on new projects and developments, it helps me to feel part of it all. In addition to my donations my children are all involved with fundraising through sponsored activities."

We take great care to listen to individual motives and interests, and match projects accordingly. Whether you are a private individual, family, office, Trust or Foundation we have a wide range of projects to fund which we can happily discuss with you.

Interested in supporting us?

For an informal discussion on how you can get involved please contact our Philanthropy team on 01564 825017 or email

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