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Statutory Partners

The animated film above follows the story of ‘Ellie’, a child living with a life shortening condition, and shows the pressure this can place on the family. The animation highlights how Acorns can help to reduce this stress and pressure and promote resilience in the family. The film was developed to help us get across to commisioners and other health and social care professionals how our care provision can in turn reduce demand on other services and help to meet future health and social care provision challenges.

We provide specialist, quality and holistic care that can help meet future health and social care provision challenges by promoting wellbeing and independence.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the children and families we support and ensure that our services are integrated into key health and social care work. As a result, we are able to break down barriers of how that care is provided and lessen duplication in provision.

Acorns has responded to the current financial challenges experienced across health and social care. We work with statutory bodies to provide clinically effective, efficient and high quality care that is flexibly delivered depending on assessed needs.


A specialist, trusted and quality service provider to the NHS and local authorities since 1988, driven by charitable aims.



Care is tailored to assessed needs as agreed with the whole family and is provided when and where it is needed, promoting wellbeing and independence.


By providing consistent, high quality care we are able to drive down variations, increase efficiencies and support service sustainability.



Our registered nursing staff follow national standards and protocols of evidence-based best practice.

Acorns is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is a trusted provider to the NHS and local authorities.

Acorns is quality and performance managed, evidenced through our annual Quality Accounts.

We drive continuous improvement through user engagement including Parent/Carer Champions and Young Ambassadors.


Staff are supported with ongoing education and training, as part of our commitment to continuous professional development.


We already provide over 20 value for money contracts that currently help to sustain a high quality comprehensive NHS.


Acorns plays a leading role in children’s complex care forums such as Together for Short Lives and the West Midlands Paediatric Palliative Care Network.


Comprehensive services are tailored to assessed needs.

Our service provision focuses on the entire family in order to promote well-being and build resilience.

Assessments and care plans are agreed with family and young people and reviewed with them regularly.


Care is flexible to demand and can be provided within the hospice, the family home or the community. This includes End of Life care, symptom management and short breaks.


Short breaks help to relieve stress and pressure and allow families to continue to care for their children and to do so more effectively.


By partnering with Acorns, barriers to consistent high quality care provision are removed.

Our charitable status means 2/3 of our funding comes from the public, providing value for money

Our costs have been benchmarked and compare favourably to other service providers.

Over 400 volunteers underpin every aspect of what we do.

‘Key working’ with other professionals and organisations reduces demand on other health and social care services.


Through our integrated approach to care and partnership work, we provide valuable resources, advice and support to families.


Acorns prides itself on its social values by recruiting and resourcing locally and managing our environmental impact.

Annual running costs of care services are £9.6 million.

We rely heavily on public funding for the majority of our activities.

We aim to provide care for 1,000 children by 2020.

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For further information please contact a member of the team at or call 01564 825042

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