There is no such thing as a ‘typical volunteer’  – we welcome people from all walks of life, and benefit greatly from drawing on their skills and life experiences. Whether you want to volunteer your time on a regular basis or just help out for the day at an Acorns event, we have all kinds of great volunteering opportunities available.

At Acorns we rely on our valued volunteers to donate their time at our hospices, shops, fundraising events and in the local community. To find voluntary work near you and to learn more about how to volunteer, click one of the links below – or for everything Acorns has to offer see our full list of current volunteering opportunities.

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Why volunteer for Acorns?

There are many benefits of volunteering for a charity, from building confidence to making new friends! Whatever your motivation for volunteering with Acorns, you can be sure that your contribution will make a huge difference to local children and families. Here are just some of the reasons why people choose to volunteer with us.

Young volunteer in Acorns Solihull charity shop
Make a difference

The main motivation for many volunteers is the desire to give something back and know that they are making a huge difference to the children and families at Acorns.

Meet new people

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Develop new skills

Volunteers bring their own unique skills and experience with them but also have the opportunity to develop a range of new skills if they choose to.

Build confidence

Volunteering is a fantastic way to build your confidence and can lead into paid employment.

Improve your self-esteem and well-being

There is much research to show that volunteering can have multiple positive benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

Acorns fundraising volunteer holding a collection bucket at an event
Volunteer doing arts and crafts with a child at a hospice

Have fun!

All the other reasons listed above may be why people begin their volunteering experiences, but this is the one that keeps them with us!

Charity volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience, and there are plenty of activities to get involved in. Whether you’re looking for volunteering opportunities for older adults, volunteering for teens or everything in between, Acorns has something to suit everyone!

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