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Why volunteer for Acorns?

There are lots of reasons for choosing volunteering and even more to choose to volunteer for Acorns:

Make a difference

The main motivation for many volunteers is the desire to give something back and know that they are making a huge difference to the children and families at Acorns.

Meet new people

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Building confidence

Volunteering is a fantastic way to build your confidence and can be a lead into a return to paid employment.

Developing new skills

Volunteers bring their own unique skills and experience with them but also have the opportunity to develop a range of new skills if they choose to.

Improve your self-esteem and well-being

There is much research to show that volunteering can have multiple positive benefits for both physical and mental well being.

Have fun!

All the other reasons listed above may be why people begin their volunteering experiences, but this is the one that keeps them with us!

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