Charitable trusts and foundations

We are so grateful for the generous support we receive from charitable trusts and foundations. Each grant, no matter what the size, is crucial in enabling us to provide sustainable funding for our hospices and means a huge amount to all of the children and their families receiving our care.

Without your continued support, we would not be able to deliver the vital care and support we provide to children and young people with life limiting or life threatening conditions and their families.

It costs around £10 million to fund our services each year. Your donations could fund a whole host of services for the children we care for, including:

  • Our specialist nursing care
  • Hospice running costs
  • Bereavement support for families
  • Medical equipment and smaller capital items
  • Outings and activities for our children and their families
  • Capital projects
  • Specialist training for our teams
  • Therapeutic group work with families, parents, siblings and different faiths.

In addition to core funding we have exciting opportunities for service development projects.

Parents and child

How trusts and foundations make a difference

When Emma found out she was pregnant with her first child, the new mum dreamed of meeting her daughter for the very first time.

But when Esme was born, doctors whisked away her away and Emma’s precious first skin-to-skin moment was ‘ruined’. It wasn’t until her newborn was handed back to her with a feeding tube, that Emma realised there was a problem. 

“It wasn’t really explained to me. They could clearly see there were facial differences and she was born with hypothermia and hypoglycaemia. She was taken away straightaway. It was all downplayed, but it was critical and there was me thinking our amazing skin-to skin first moment was being spoilt.

The rollercoaster continued when doctors told Emma that Esme may have a chromosome condition and after an anxious six-week wait for the family the diagnosis was confirmed as partial Trisomy 14. The tests also revealed that Esme has Cri-du-chat-syndrome as well as metabolic issues.

Emma hadn’t been aware of Acorns before Esme’s referral. It took some time before she was ready to explore what Acorns could offer families like hers.

“As soon as I walked into the hospice it was so obvious that Acorns is about so much more than end of life care. It’s about living, where all your preformed ideas are totally blown away.

“I’m grateful Esme has Acorns and I’m really impressed with the way Acorns has let her grow. She’s not treated like a child. There is a respect and an appreciation that she is growing up, irregardless of her learning and developmental issues.

“Acorns is a place where Esme can come and have happy times and we can have valuable respite. It’s vital for that. Acorns is a real lifeline for the families it supports.

Child and mum enjoying respite at Acorns

It costs £975 to provide a full day of specialist care to a child at one of our hospices. Approximately 70% of this cost funds medical support from highly experienced and skilled nursing staff who provide one-to-one, tailored care to meet each child’s individual and often complex needs. Without the support of trusts and foundations we wouldn’t be able to fund the life enhancing work of the dedicated nursing team that help children like Esme every day.

Since the 1990s, the Eveson Charitable Trust has awarded 23 grants totalling over £1million to Acorns. We are very happy to support Acorns, knowing that our funding helps children and young people with life limiting conditions and complex needs receive the specialist nursing care and emotional support they and their families need.

– Claire Bowry
Chief Executive, The Eveson Charitable Trust

Get in touch

If your trust or foundation would like to discuss opportunities to work together, or you would like to arrange a hospice tour to see our work first-hand, please contact us by calling 01564 825 037 or email

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