Christmas message from Deputy Head Nurse Janine

A Christmas Message from Deputy Head Nurse Janine

Mum, Jo, is supporting the Acorns Snowflake Appeal and has shared her family’s story. You may have watched her film (if not, you can view it above). She is asking you to help make precious moments for local families like hers this Christmas by donating to Acorns.

If you have already made Jo’s day by making a donation, thank you so much. If you haven’t then I’m going to ask you to donate today.

Jo is supporting the Acorns Snowflake Appeal by sharing her story because she knows how much the support of Acorns means to parents like her. During Christmas 2014 her daughter Lucy passed away and her other daughter, Jess, was left fighting for her life. Christmas for her family was never the same.

But with the help of Acorns she has found the joy of Christmas and is celebrating once again.

Jo came to Acorns not long after the birth of her second set of twins. Jess was left with many complex health complications following her premature birth so it was difficult to cope. By coming to the hospice Jo could relax, knowing that Jess was being cared for by nurses who understood her condition. Plus, we made Christmas for them extra special by inviting them along to our Christmas party and doing lots of fun activities they could look back on with happiness.

Nurses like me, know how important creating joyful Christmas moments is when time is limited. We need to create magic during the festive season and bring families together who may be missing out on that joy. We can only do this with the support of local people like you.

A donation from you can help give this joy to other local families this Christmas.

By giving a gift today, you will create precious Christmas moments, for local families like Jo’s. Moments which will be treasured forever.

If you have already donated, thank you so much. Your donation means so much to the families I help care for.

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas.

Deputy Head Nurse

Help us create precious moments for over 780 local children and their families this Christmas.