First Steps on the Wall

China Trek FundraisersWe were up nice and early again for breakfast at 7am and everybody started the day with excitement and trepidation not knowing what the walk ahead entailed…

We were extremely lucky with the weather, with bright blue skies and blazing sunshine, which made for some visually amazing photos with the contrast of the wall.

We still can’t believe we are here. Although, the large number of steps we climbed today certainly made it feel real for our legs! No 2 steps are the same with one being just an inch deep followed by one which was 3ft deep. At times we were on our bottoms shuffling down or climbing up on our hands and knees. The trek was extremely precarious at times with parts being sheer rock face that you had to find foot holes in with a sheer drop the other side.

China Wall

We became our own tourist attraction today in our Acorns t-shirts with lots of locals wanting their photos with us and pushing their children to meet us.

We’ve also been learning a lot of history and culture from our guide Jessie, it’s amazing to think of the history beneath our feet. We lost a few people towards the end of the trek but thankfully they didn’t even know they were lost and were found enjoying the gardens.

We had a bit of a bus ride to our next accommodation which is a beautiful wooden lodge with rooms all set around a courtyard, but the journey allowed some of us to carry on catching up on sleep.

The food out here has been amazing, lots of it but there are rice 3 meals a day! Although we are enjoying the trek, it’s very interesting when you stay in a country where you can’t flush toilet roll and have to place it in the bin. But we have survived our first day of squat toilets and we are going to be returning with muscled thighs.

This evening, we have had a calligraphy lesson from our guide Jessie which allowed us to learn some Chinese words and how to write them with brush and ink.

Tomorrow brings a very long day of trekking as we trek through 27 watchtowers which is leaving us a little nervous but we are all still excited and smiling!