Focus on your senses

A multisensory room is so much more than just a room full of colourful lights and a CD player. Let Janine, Deputy Head Nurse explain.

Take a moment to focus on your senses- what you can see, what you can hear, what you can feel.

Our senses define how we interpret the world around us so when there is a problem with how our senses react it can make interactions challenging and stressful.

Many of our children don’t feel in control of their senses. Some children can get a sensory overload if there is too much around them. At Acorns we need to learn their likes and dislikes in terms of sensory stimulation to help them interact.

Our multisensory room let’s us do this. Inside there is a range of specialised sensory equipment which transform the room into a safe and engaging place which is tailored to the child’s needs.

During a stay we can take the child into the multisensory room and adapt it according to what they like. Perhaps they suffer with anxiety and find everyday noises stressful. We can fill the room with gentle lights and play music which is soothing.

There is also a big, warm water bed which we will lie the children on so they can relax whilst listening to gentle sounds and watching fibre optic lights twinkle.

It’s absolutely lovely seeing how calm they become.

Often you will see a child’s face light up when music is played or when a certain light comes on so you can learn what is enjoyable for them.

We can also use the room for children who require mental stimulation or help with their communication skills.

The equipment inside the room provides exciting visuals, sounds, and textures. We have an interactive wall which children can tap to make different noises; there are bubble machines which change colour as they push buttons; and we have a big cube which will change the lighting in the room as they roll it.

This provides a fun and engaging way to improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and an understanding of cause and effect.

The multi-sensory room is often used as a place for the whole family to have some peace. The parents may go in there with their child, shut the door and just sit and relax. Some parents will lie down with their child on the water bed, watch the lights and listen to their child’s favourite songs.

It’s a wonderful place to make memories and bond with your child.

Our senses are magical things, they allow us to experience the world on a different level. Through sounds, sights and feelings we can make the world come alive for or children at Acorns and that’s because of one special room.

It’s very important for our children and families to take time out to relax and focus on what matters to them. Make sure you do the same.

Janine Warner, Deputy Head Nurse

£30 will pay for a child to enjoy a 20 minute multisensory session with a nurse.