A Challenging Day

China WallSo here we are at the end of day 2. A very long day with 8 full hours of trekking but a very different day to yesterday with a lot of varied surfaces to walk on – steps, a dried river bed, dirt tracks and rocky paths.

We started off the day at a pagoda at the top of a hill which gave us a glimpse into Mongolia. It was an extremely challenging day which included us doing some rock climbing, sliding down gravelly slopes and climbing up and down steps that were so deep they reached our mid thighs at one point we had to walk a path that was about 40cm wide with a sheer drop either side and no barrier or rope to hold on to.

We were supported today by a group of local women called the “hello ladies”, they held our hand down some of the steep bits, carried poles when we needed to use our hands to climb and generally supported us along the way. They even taught us a few Chinese words along the way and in return we taught them “Alright, our kid” in a brummy accent which was hilarious!

China WallToday saw us trek through 27 watchtowers and the scenery was something else, we could not possibly put into words how amazing it was and pictures just do not do it justice. It was so thought provoking and emotional it brought some people to tears. We were able to climb to the roof of one watch tower which made us feel on top of the world, but was also slightly scary knowing that if we fell it was a 3-hour trek to the nearest road let alone hospital!

But the scenery helped push us through the pain. A lot of the trekkers challenged their own personal limits today and we could not be prouder! Our muscles are well and truly aching this evening.

After a very tiring day our spirits were picked up by the discovery of our first bar on the trip and our guide Terri had also organised us some chips to be cooked at the Chinese restaurant we were eating at which was met with huge cheers!

After a night full of jokes and laughs one of our trekkers presented us each with a tiny silver acorn charm which after an emotional day brought a few of us to tears again. Our group of trekkers has become a family and they we are so proud of them for not only accomplishing this challenge but the amazing support they give each other.Tomorrow we get a lie-in! breakfast is being served at 8 before we hit the wall again, in much colder conditions with temperatures of minus 2 overnight, carrying on from where we left off!