June Sayce

Acorns is very sorry to announce that June Sayce, Acorns Patron and friend to many staff and volunteers in the Three Counties, has died. June was 93.

June had a fall at home on 6 October and was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital. Sadly, her health continued to deteriorate over her stay.

June’s loss is a very painful one for everyone at Acorns, and especially for our team at the Three Counties, who saw her most days.

There would be no Acorns Children’s Hospice as we know it today in Worcester, without the great generosity of June and her late husband Willie. The story of how Acorns came to open in the Three Counties is a beautiful one. It is a story of a vision made a reality by the generosity, determination and ingenuity of a great many people, including two of our Patrons, Cecil Duckworth and Sir Michael Perry, as well as John Overton, and the staff and Trustees of Acorns at that time.

But there is no doubt that the first and most important act in this beautiful story was June’s decision to give over her land to this purpose, and which led to construction work starting some 14 years ago. You can read more about this story here. 

As everybody who knew her will testify, June took indescribable pride and pleasure every day from Acorns. She loved nothing better than her trips to the hospice, or even, as she put it, looking out on Acorns from her bedroom window, and knowing that the lights were always on.

In June, we all had the privilege to know someone of utter goodness, but also someone who truly epitomised what it means for someone to experience the joy of giving. June Sayce loved Acorns, and Acorns loved June Sayce. We will miss her more than we can say. The best tribute we can all make to June and to her memory is to ensure that the lights are always on in Acorns.