Louisa’s 2 Mile Run | In memory of her sister Milla

Louisa Celebrating
Louisa celebrating after completing her epic two mile run!

A huge congratulations to Louisa for completing an epic two mile run, raising over £1,000 for Acorns in memory of her twin sister Milla.

Louisa and her two sisters were triplets born 16 weeks early. Sadly Louisa’s older sister, Jewel, passed away after only 17 days. Louisa and her twin sister Milla both had operations on their eyes. Louisa is now blind in her left eye and only partially sighted in her right eye.

As a result of the premature birth, Milla suffered from a brain injury, was unable to walk or talk, and was fed through a stomach tube. In December 2016, she sadly passed away from a sepsis infection.

Writing on her Just Giving page, Louisa said: “Throughout Milla’s life, Acorns Children’s Hospice in Worcester provided amazing respite breaks for her. Not only did Milla enjoy a wonderful, warm, friendly and caring place, but Mum and Dad also had a chance to have a break. In fact I also had a few respite stays at Acorns. It is a fantastic place.

Louisa with her mum and dad
Louisa and her family visits Acorns to talk to staff about her run and eat some chocolate cake!

Milla was always happy and smiling, even though she had many difficulties due to her disability. She had many operations in her life. We always remember her and miss her so much.”

Louisa wasn’t able to walk until she was around three years old. she still finds walking and running long distances tiring and sometimes difficult. Her blindness means she needs to be supported when she’s outside as she can bump into things. So, to run two miles was a big challenge for her. Well done Louisa, we think you’re an inspiration, and we’re so grateful for the amazing amount raised!

If you would like to donate, please visit Louisa’s JustGiving page.