Taking a BIG leap

In March 2019 Lily Daniel, 21, decided to take a big leap…out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet! Why did she do it and would she recommend you do the same?

Picture the scene. Cruising at an eye-watering 10,000 feet you shuffle your way to the front of the plane and grip the side of the craft to steady yourself.

With the wind rushing through your hair you glance out of the open door and are greeted by a wall of clouds covering the patchwork of green fields below.

You can just about make out the voice of your instructor over the roar of the engine – “Ready?”

You lean forwards, and with a rush of adrenaline begin freefalling towards the ground at 120 miles per hour.

Sounds pretty nerve-racking, right? Well, that’s what I did when I took part in a tandem skydive for Acorns.

Lily in the plane for her skydive

Lots of people have asked me why I would do something so scary. It’s simple. I visited one of the Acorns hospices and was amazed by how much they do for the kids and the parents.

They offer so much support and they make the children’s lives so enjoyable.

I’ve always wanted to do a skydive but doing it for Acorns really motivated me to actually do it.

To fundraise I set up a Just Giving page, but I found it easy to fundraise in person, i just took sponsorship forms around my workplace.

I even got my Grandad involved. He knows loads of people, so that really helped! Watching the total go up was really fun and I soon hit my fundraising target.

Doing something like a skydive is so good because you’re doing something that’s going to live with you forever as a great experience, and at the same time you’re doing it for someone else.

I’d definitely recommend others to give it a go.

Lily, Acorns supporter

Take the plunge and join #TeamAcorns in this once in a lifetime opportunity, while raising money for Acorns to continue to support children with life limited and life threatening conditions. Find our next Skydive event here.