Hospice Gardens

Our hospice gardens are a very important part of the care Acorns provides. There is something wonderfully calming about spending time in a garden; embracing the fresh air, seeing the array of colours and smelling the flowers in bloom.

For children in particular a garden is a blank canvas for imaginations to run wild. For many of our children access to their garden at home isn’t possible, so the specially designed hospice gardens at Acorns enable our children and their families to spend quality time together outside.

A mum and her twin daughters are enjoying a story in an Acorns hospice garden. One little girl is sitting on her mum's lap and the other is very close to them in a wheelchair
Memorial garden with stream at Acorns for the Three Counties

There are themed play areas for children and their siblings, as well as sensory areas that give heightened awareness of sight, smell and sound. Water fountains, scented plants and bright flowers, wind chimes and musical instruments help to spark surprise and imagination.

For parents the gardens act as a quiet place to visit, where the beautiful surroundings help provide a calming atmosphere.

A peaceful memorial garden situated at each hospice allows families to spend time reflecting and remembering a child they have lost.

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