At Acorns we recognise that in protecting and safeguarding children and young people, we also provide a framework for all staff who identify and promote best practice and minimise uncertainty for staff and volunteers working with young people.

Acorns has developed a safeguarding policy which:

  • Protects young people: we recognise young people should be assured of good standards of care and protection from all Acorns staff, volunteers and representatives
  • Protects Acorns staff: we recognise that by following the guidelines and procedures everyone working with Acorns should be able to avoid inappropriate, misguided or wrong behaviour and know what to do if they are concerned about a child’s welfare

In October 2007 Acorns achieved national recognition for its Child Protection Procedures when it became the first ever children’s hospice to meet the requirements of the NSPCC Staying Safe Commitment Scheme which supports and recognises organisations that have appropriate policies and procedures in place to actively protect children and young people.

Acorns has a Safeguarding Steering Group with representatives from all areas of the Care Team. The Steering Group meets four times a year and is tasked with reviewing all practices and policies in relation to Safeguarding, ensuring safe practice is embedded in all we do.

Young people across the organisation are actively engaged in the production of child-friendly literature in relation to Safeguarding.

Copies of Acorns Safeguarding Policy can be obtained by contacting the Caldicott Guardian on 01564 825000

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