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In house care team

Acorns nurses are all registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council as either paediatric (children’s) nurses, general or adult nurses and learning disabilities nurses. They are the same trained nurses as you find in the NHS but may not be as easily recognisable as they don’t wear uniforms. They have a variety of experience and come from a whole range of different backgrounds such as general hospitals, community, intensive care units or schools to name a few.

Acorns is dedicated to learning and development and we actively encourage and support all our staff to continually train and update their practice. We ensure that our care teams’ skills and knowledge are up to date and effective in the care they give through continual learning. To this end our nurses are qualified or trained in a range of specialities. We have:

  • Registered non-medical nurse prescribers at each hospice and in the hospice at home team
  • Nurses with degree level qualifications in palliative care
  • Nurses who have completed courses in medical assessment, assessment of the child and pain management
  • Nurses with a special interest in resuscitation, respiratory care, emotional behavioural difficulties, spiritual care, infection control, care of neonates and complementary therapies

Our physiotherapists are registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council and likewise undergo specialist learning and development in order to provide high quality physiotherapy in the hospices.

All health care assistants are trained in care to NVQ level 2 or above and assist the nurses in giving care to the children and supporting the family. Our health care assistants come from many different walks in life many having previously worked in social or health care or in schools. Some have higher level qualifications such as foundation degrees.

We also provide much-sought after placements for student nurses who come to us from across the universities in our region.

Overall we build in-house teams with the aim to provide children and families with the very best care designed around their individual needs.

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