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Teenagers transitional support

Preparing for adulthood

Some children outlive their original prognoses and survive into adulthood. But for these children, the future can be very uncertain. Preparation for adulthood is an increasingly important part of the work we do, helping young people and adolescents develop the life skills to be as independent and resilient as possible. With young people aged 14+ and their family, we look at future options, including service providers, further education, training, and employment, and assist families with funding applications.

How does this work?

From 14 years – the first stage of a four-year transition plan. A young person will be allocated a transition worker to begin the discussion of moving on from Acorns to adult care service at the age of 18. An initial transition review is carried out jointly with the family to create a tailored plan to define the required care package and to enable the young person and their family to begin the process of transition as they move towards adulthood.

From 16 years on – where appropriate, the transition team workers will take the lead on the journey towards adult care services, while continually reviewing health and well-being needs. Work with adult health and social care providers at this stage will investigate other short break providers, care packages and if appropriate access to further and higher education, work experience and employment opportunities.

From 17 years – in the final 12 months, the transition plan will be confirmed, ensuring the young person and their family are confident that the outcomes are achievable, such as continued access to short breaks, care packages and adult palliative care services. The young person and their family fully leave the care of Acorns on their 18th birthday. We like to mark their transition to adult services with a ‘goodbye’ event with the young person and their family during their last stay with us.

Activities we provide

As part of this work there is a programme of ‘Preparation for Adulthood’ groups and forums facilitated by qualified youth workers for young people, supporting them to develop life skills. Working with various external services, our team is here to help develop the skills and experiences of our young people as well as offering support to them and their family during their preparation and planning for adulthood.

Our teams have developed strong working relationships in their local areas with many and varied providers in order to support young people and their families when making informed choices about their futures.

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The Bridge

The Bridge was developed through a partnership between Murrayhall Community Trust, Acorns Children's Hospice and St Giles Hospice. The centre will offer various activities to support young people and their families, as well as other children and adults in the surrounding community.

For more information please contact Chris Reed on

Kurious Viewz magazine

At Acorns we recognise the importance of young people sharing their opinions and having a voice.  One of the ways we have supported this is by the production of our youth magazine ‘Kurious Viewz’, which is written and designed entirely by young people.

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