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Our Young Ambassadors

Young people at Acorns Children’s Hospice are now able to get involved with an exciting opportunity to take on a voluntary role by becoming a Young Ambassador.

Why? To make a real difference to their own lives and others’ as well as to improve our service and even the future of children’s paediatric palliative care and adult care services. Over recent years our brilliant group of over 16s, working and supported by our Transition and Adolescent workers, have created their own legacy with some impressive and inspiring achievements: from mentoring and meetings to torch-bearing for the Olympics!

The variety of tasks means that young people at Acorns are playing a part, having a voice and making a contribution to a range of important issues which matter to them. And the great thing is, our Ambassadors have grown in confidence and ability as they take on new challenges and opportunities stepping out of their comfort zones and achieving things that both they and others had previously not thought possible.

Introducing our Young Ambassadors


I enjoy being an Ambassador for Acorns because I get to meet new people and it gets me out and about. I enjoyed using Acorns and I have always felt welcome. Staying at Acorns also helped by giving my parents a break as well as me.

I am good on computers and my hobbies are gaming, watching films, listening to music and going to the cinema. Another thing I like is driving.


I enjoy being an Ambassador for Acorns because it allows me to give something back. I was a Client at Acorns in the Black Country (Walsall) until I was 18. I live at home with my Mom and it gave her a break from looking after me and gave me some time with lads with my condition.

It has made me feel valued and great to know that my views matter. I can speak to Members of the Board about my Acorns’ experience and help develop approaches for the future.

Everyone who knows me thinks of me as the guy who is good with tech. I can build computers with the help of my carers. I love music. My favourite artists are Logic, Flatbush Zombies and Lil Dicky. I love cars. The Fast & Furious franchise are some of my favourite films. I also like Sci-fi and Horror films. Everyone who knows me says I’ve got a wicked sense of humour.


I have recently become an Acorns Ambassador and am looking forward to promoting Acorns and giving a bit back to them after they looked after me well. I feel that this is important as they are a charity, which helps and support people with similar conditions as myself. I am very happy and proud about being an ambassador and take this seriously. I enjoy being an ambassador and meeting people with similar conditions as myself.

I enjoy watching football and documentaries, playing on the PlayStation and eating. I also like to undertake research, give advice and I am good with maths and computers.


I am proud to be an Ambassador for Acorns because I can put my views out there and I like to make a difference to people.

My hobbies include playing on the Xbox, watching TV and films and going to the cinema, going on holiday, spending time with my family, eating out and being outdoors.

Acorns means a lot to me because I get the right care and support and both me and my family get to have a break. I enjoy coming to Acorns because of the great company around me and it’s like home from home. I’ve been coming for most of my childhood.


I’ve been coming to Acorns since I was around 9 years old. I have recently become an Ambassador and will enjoy telling other people about all the things you can do and what Acorns means to me.

I especially like being with friends and playing on the Xbox as well as going to comic exhibitions such as Marvel and Star Wars. I like to go to the cinema to watch films, listen to music, socialise and go to discos. I also enjoy maths and PE.


I am proud to be an ambassador for Acorns as it gives me an opportunity to have a voice as a young disabled adult. Acorns have helped me with my confidence and it has reassured me that my voice matters. It’s also an opportunity for me to give something back.

Acorns offered me invaluable support and a home from home whilst my parents had a break. My parents were able go away without any worries regarding my care as the care I received was second to none. I have many fond memories from my stays including visiting a comedy club during an over 18’s weekend.

My main passion and thing I spend most of my time doing is creating artwork. I enjoy lots of different aspects of art, including photography, painting and I also create greetings cards. t’s something I continue to enjoy in spite of my physically limitations. My current work is instructions led, so someone else can help create my vision. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and regularly eat out as food is another passion of mine. My family is very important to me, and I have been lucky enough to travel and see lots of new places.


I am proud to be an Ambassador for Acorns because I still get to be a part of Acorns and I am able to give back for all the support they have given me by helping them to improve their services. This is what I enjoy most about being an Acorns Ambassador because it is not only being apart of Acorns, but also knowing that I have improved their services.

My hobbies and interests include taking pictures, image and video editing, watching films, DJing and travelling. I also have an interest in customising cars. I am good at administration, graphic design and giving directions.


I enjoy being an Ambassador for Acorns because I’ve been coming to Acorns for 17 years and I want to give back to the charity. As I have been coming here so long I have built a relationship with the staff and the charity and they are now my family. I spend a lot of time in pain and getting out and about doing Ambassador tasks takes my mind of it.

I want Acorns to be recognised. I want to get the word out there. I want people to know about this charity, people may be suffering greatly because they don't know they can get help from Acorns and it may help with their challenges in life.

I am good at, and enjoy, public speaking and love a good debate! I am a season ticket holder for Aston Villa and go down every week and am currently working towards my dream of being a broadcaster. I love food and enjoy eating. I am a bit of a gamer, I enjoy playing my PS4 and play Fifa when I get the time to.


I’m proud to be an Acorns Ambassador because I get the chance to tell other people about it and help them think about whether they would like to use Acorns.

Acorns is special to me because it has helped me to have more freedom and independence and gives my parents their space too. I have lots of happy memories of Acorns, particularly meeting up with friends and having a laugh, playing computer games, watching films and having a chance to go to fun places.

I love building things such as Airfix and Lego, and enjoy art and ICT. My hobbies include photography, bird watching, food tech, spending time with friends and using social media. I also like gadgets, watches phones etc and enjoy going for walks with my family in the Lake District.


The reason I accepted the role of Ambassador is because I feel that I am giving back to Acorns which is a really great feeling. Furthermore, as an Ambassador I can provide advice to young people who are going through life with a disability or condition which is affecting them.

I’m currently at college doing accountancy. My hobbies and interests include eating food, swimming, playing snooker, watching comedy and documentaries, learning about history and also conspiracy theories. I like to socialise with friends and enjoy travelling around Birmingham. I’m interested in computing and enjoy helping people out.


I enjoy being a Sibling Ambassador for Acorns because I like being able to help the charity that has done so much for me and my family. I like that my own personal experiences can be used to improve services at Acorns.

I enjoy going to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers and listening to music. I also play the guitar both at home and in pubs. Since starting University I have taken a great interest in sign language and the deaf community and have recently trained to Level 1 in British Sign Language.


I enjoy being a Sibling Ambassador for Acorns because Acorns is an incredible charity and I enjoy being able to represent it and help more people to understand what it is they do that helps families like mine.

I enjoy music, particularly live and I like to read when I have time.

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Last year, Acorns supported 876 children and more than 1097 families, including those who are bereaved.

It costs almost £10million a year to run our vital care services in the hospices and community. This would not be possible without the support of people like you to help us to continue to provide care for local children and their families.

Yes, I want to help local children

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