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Our Young Ambassadors

Young people at Acorns Children’s Hospice are now able to get involved with an exciting opportunity to take on a voluntary role by becoming a Young Ambassador.

Why? To make a real difference to their own lives and others’ as well as to improve our service and even the future of children’s paediatric palliative care and adult care services. Over recent years our brilliant group of over 16s, working and supported by our Transition and Adolescent workers, have created their own legacy with some impressive and inspiring achievements: from mentoring and meetings to torch-bearing for the Olympics!

The variety of tasks means that young people at Acorns are playing a part, having a voice and making a contribution to a range of important issues which matter to them. And the great thing is, our Ambassadors have grown in confidence and ability as they take on new challenges and opportunities stepping out of their comfort zones and achieving things that both they and others had previously not thought possible.

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