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Get involved and have a voice

Our Young Ambassadors have the chance to learn, grow and develop with lots of support. Acorns’ dedicated Adolescent Team want to let you know why it’s an opportunity to be a part of something special…

Chris Reed, Head of Care Services explains, " When we first started our Young Ambassadors scheme we weren’t sure how the role would grow – would young people who have been through the service with us want to be involved in giving something back? Well, the ‘yes!’ has been fantastic. It’s an exciting time at Acorns as we watch our over 16s help us by having one of the most important voices at meetings and events.

Young Ambassadors are vital to us because they’re proof – to themselves, everyone and us – of what can be achieved through hard-work and success.

Acorns young ambassadorsWe hope that the support we can provide makes preparing for adulthood easier and smoother. We try to give our Ambassadors plenty of help and encouragement by being there every step of the way with as much mentoring and training as possible; it all helps to become independent!

To find out more about becoming an Ambassador, have a read through our role description here and learn more about who we are over here. If you find all of this sounds like something you’d like to join in with then why not send me an email at for a chat.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Dean, Acorns Young Ambassador

‘Being an Ambassador has given me a lot of confidence. I had become isolated at home and didn't want to go out. Going to the meetings has made me feel valued and appreciated and I have had some positive feedback myself. As a result it makes me want to continue in this role and progress further.’


Dan Dean – Acorns Young Ambassador since 2011

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