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Acorns hydrotherapy pool

The use of warm water has many benefits and is known to be very relaxing for pain relief and treatment. It helps ease aching muscles and stiff joints and where movement is limited by weakness, the water helps to support limbs, reducing the effort needed to move. The experience of being in water offers a sense of freedom and relaxation often enabling more movement in water than on land. The relaxation and enjoyment can be further enhanced by the addition of sensory light and music.

Our facilities

There are different facilities across our three hospices which are all fully accessible. Our spas and pools are carefully regulated and meet national guidelines for water quality and temperature.

Hydrotherapy Spa at our Black Country hospice

Hydrotherapy at our Birmingham hospice

Hydrotherapy at our Three Counties hospice

Why use hydrotherapy?

  • To provide different experiences including sensory, relaxation, stimulation
  • To develop play and communication
  • Help manage symptoms

Your child may benefit from hydrotherapy especially if they enjoy water and/or have pain or difficulty moving, altered muscle tone (high or low), weakness in their muscles, stiffness in their arms, legs or joints, visual and/or perceptual impairment.

When hydrotherapy might not be suitable

If your child is unwell e.g. vomiting and/or diarrhoea (within last 48 hours), has a raised temperature or open wound, medical instability or specific medical conditions then hydrotherapy may not be suitable. If your child experiences any of these and you would like them to access hydrotherapy please discuss this with your family team worker or physiotherapy team.

Hydrotherapy with parents

How to access our hydrotherapy services?

To find out how to access hydrotherapy at Acorns, families should speak to their family team worker or Physiotherapist to arrange an assessment.

What you will need to bring with you for a hydrotherapy session

Each hospice has fully accessible changing facilities. There are towels and dressing gowns available and a range of toys and floats which can be used. Please bring:

  • Swimwear
  • Swim nappies (if necessary)
  • Favourite water toys, floats etc.
  • Preferred toiletries

For more information about the hydrotherapy care provided by Acorns, please download our leaflet.

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