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We offer physiotherapy (as appropriate) to all babies, children, young people, aged 0 – 18 years. Many have the following symptoms as a result of their conditions and may benefit from physiotherapy:

  • Pain and or difficulty moving
  • Altered muscle tone
  • Weakness in their muscles
  • Stiffness in their arms, legs or joints
  • Visual and or perceptual impairment

At each hospice there is a team of qualified physiotherapists registered with the health professionals council, who work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support the development and delivery of individual care plans. We are flexible in our ability to provide a continuation of physiotherapy as part of a short break in one of our hospices or as part of an outreach visit in the family home. Either way, families can access expert advice and support on physiotherapy as part of a child’s ongoing care – this could include positioning (sleeping and sitting), equipment and treatment. Our team can also ensure all appropriate resources are available and liaise with other healthcare professionals involved in the care of a child or young person.

Benefits from physiotherapy

  • Delivery of integrated child care through joint working with a child’s lead physiotherapist and wider multi-disciplinary teams
  • Management of the symptoms of the varied conditions of the children and young people:
    • Reduces breathing difficulties, for example shortness of breath
    • Alleviates discomfort from stiff joints, spasms and muscle pain
    • Helps prevent development of future problems
    • Helps restore or maintain physical movement and function
    • Aids pain control

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