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Parent carer champions

Parents and carers of children and young people who have or are accessing Acorns services are able to become more involved in the organisation by becoming parent carer champions.

This is a voluntary role which provides them with the opportunity to have their voice heard in a number of ways:

  • As representatives of Acorns to a wide range of individuals and groups – from supporters and volunteers to statutory and civic bodies such as Clinical Commissioning Groups and Mayors
  • Directly influencing Acorns services via input into compliance visits, audits, working groups and consultations
  • Being involved in research projects regarding children’s paediatric palliative care
  • Acting as the voice of parents and carers with media

The role provides Acorns with a first person contact and voice regarding the experience of using Acorns from a different point of view.

Each of the champions is provided with training to support them in their role, including: safeguarding, public speaking, media skills and an overview of Acorns. Ongoing support is provided by a member of staff who co-ordinates activity.

The programme has been running for around 2 years and there are currently 9 champions across the organisation. Feedback has identified the following benefits for the champions:

  • Providing an opportunity to give something back
  • Offering an alternative to paid employment when childcare commitments prohibit this option
  • Help build confidence in their abilities and skills
  • Opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge

If you are interested in becoming a parent carer champion please contact your local family team worker.

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