Sibling support

Supporting siblings to adjust to being part of a family with a life limited or life threatened brother or sister is really important. Our highly skilled Sibling Workers working alongside a team of dedicated trained volunteers currently help over 200 children and young people to face a changed life and the associated losses.

Through a diverse range of support groups and activities, the team at Acorns enables siblings to gain a sense of involvement and belonging and reduce feelings of isolation. Siblings are also able to grow in confidence and self-esteem, foster resilience and build friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

Siblings tell us that being able to talk openly about their situation, thoughts and feelings helps to reduce levels of stress that might otherwise interfere with both home and school life and impact on their relationship with others.

“I admit I was nervous about him attending as he has been so lost since losing his brother and he lacks confidence, however I realised as soon as I picked him up that he had had a great time!”

– Acorns mum

How can siblings of all ages benefit?

We offer support for both individuals and groups of siblings of children in the care of Acorns in a variety of ways. Many of the sibling support group sessions provide opportunities to meet individuals in similar situations and build friendships.

We support siblings through:

  • One to one therapeutic sessions
  • Group therapeutic sessions
  • Specialist bereavement support
  • Residential breaks
  • Arts projects such as music, pottery and puppetry
  • Outings to the cinema, theatre, sports venues, etc.
Acorns child and his sister at Acorns for the Three Counties

“Acorns really helped me and my family through the process of losing my brother and now they help by letting me come to these groups”

– Acorns sibling

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