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Integrated Care Model

The integrated care model at Acorns

An Integrated Care Model (ICM) introduced in 2014 has transformed how the services at Acorns are delivered. The model builds on nearly 30 years of experience as a service provider and the good practice of the three established primary care teams.

Newly developed Outreach Nurse roles at each hospice are responsible for identifying and supporting opportunities to support children and their families outside of the hospice. They will coordinate and support hospice nurses and HCAs to deliver clinical care in the wider community, including family homes*. This is supplemented with offering increased home support (befriending, home care, complementary therapy, etc.) via a team of trained and supported volunteers.

Nurses with additional responsibilities in areas including neonatal care also form part of the new model. They are tasked with developing links with other service providers to encourage and support the process of referrals to Acorns and then helping develop individual care plans in conjunction with colleagues.

A new Face to Face service where parents are trained and supported to become peer support workers for other families has also been established as part of the model.

This new way of working has been designed to ensure Acorns maintains a high quality service while supporting the strategic aim to increase the number of children and families being cared for. Last year, we were able to provide care and support to 41 more children and 30 more families.

* Monday to Friday during term times

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