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Professional visits

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Visit our hospices

If you are a professional service provider with an interest in Paediatric Palliative Care or are professionally interested in what we do at Acorns, then you can arrange a visit to one of our hospices.  Our three hospices are:

There are various ways to arrange a visit to one of our hospices. Firstly each hospice holds a visitor’s afternoon 10 times a year where any member of the public can visit for a talk and a tour. If your interest is more specific then you can phone and talk to one of the managers about arranging a professional visit where you can discuss the interest and any professional issues you may have.  The contact numbers for each hospice are listed at the foot of this page.

Nursing: Contact the head nurse at the hospice you wish to visit (contact details below).

Social Work/Community support: Contact the family team manager at the hospice you wish to visit.

Medical: Contact the head of care at the hospice you wish to visit or ask to speak to our medical director.

All other professionals: Contact the head of care at the hospice you would like to visit.

Professionals Days

Acorns occasionally hold an ‘invite only’ Professional Open Day where there is a presentation of our services followed by a tour.  If you or your team would be interested in being invited to one of these please contact the head of care at the relevant hospice.

Acorns in Birmingham

Call: 0121 248 4850

Acorns in the Black Country

Call: 01922 422500

Acorns for the Three Counties

Call: 01905 767676

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