Acorns Staff Mobilise to Deliver Care Packages to Vulnerable Families

As news about coronavirus develops day by day – in a heart-warming example of community action – Acorns is mobilising its staff to help support isolated families.

Families supported by Acorns can face many challenges and uncertainties on a day to day basis, as they care for children with complex medical needs. The coronavirus pandemic has meant many made the decision to self-isolate immediately for their own protection.

Specialist care teams from Acorns hospices have identified families who may be vulnerable, cut-off or isolated and are putting together much-needed care packages of essentials such as toiletries, baby milk and food.

Dee McCann, Volunteers Manager at Acorns in Birmingham, based in Selly Oak, said: “This is a unique situation which has plunged the whole community into crisis mode. At Acorns we’ve jumped into action and are adapting the ways we support families during the pandemic.

“It’s not just physical items. The fact that families have continued contact with our trained staff is incredibly important from an emotional wellbeing point of view. They know that they’re not alone and we’re doing all we can to help them.”

Generous local community organisations including the Real Junk Food Project Central and Foodcycle Longbridge have joined forces with Acorns and have delivered supplies for the hospice staff to allocate to families.

And Waitrose in Worcester brought smiles to mums supported by Acorns this Mother’s Day by gifting a beautiful selection of bouquets and chocolates.

Dee added: “We’re thrilled with the support from the local community organisations. There are so many good and generous people out there. This situation is bringing out the best in everyone and the more we work together, the more we will help the most vulnerable in our local communities.”

If anyone would like to donate essential items to families at Acorns, please do not visit Acorns hospices in person. For the protection of staff and families during the outbreak, the hospices are currently closed to external visitors.

If you can help, please contact Supporter Services by emailing your details to

Useful items include:
• Tinned food
• Toiletries
• Toilet roll
• Handwash and hand sanitiser
• Baby milk and nappies


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Notes to editors:

Due to the sensitive nature of Acorns care services it refrains from using the words ‘terminal’ or ‘terminally ill’ in its press releases and public communications when describing the children who use Acorns and the conditions that they have. Instead, Acorns uses the words ‘life limited’, ‘life limiting’, or ‘life threatening’. Acorns kindly requests that you respect this in your communications when referring to Acorns Children’s Hospice. Acorns children have a lot of living to do. Thank you.

• It costs £27,000 every day to run Acorns services providing care for children and support for their families. The charity relies heavily on donations to fund the majority of its activities.

• To find out more about Acorns, please visit