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Privacy Policy

Here on the Acorns website, we aim to provide our visitors with information about our children’s hospice, charitable works and how you can do your bit to help out. Understandably, when you visit our website, you want the peace of mind that your information will be kept safe and secure. This is something we can guarantee.

Acorns take site visitors’ privacy very seriously and make every effort to ensure you enjoy a secure browsing experience on our website. To give you a little more information about the type of information we may collect from you and why, we have created this simple privacy policy. Take a couple of minutes to read it through and if you’re happy, you can continue browsing our website and finding out more about the care we provide.

If you continue to use the Acorns website, we’ll assume that you have read and accepted our privacy policy.

Collecting data from you

Most websites you visit online will collect some form of data from you, including the Acorns website. We will collect data, such as your IP address, so we are able to send information to you and receive it from you, whilst you are browsing the Acorns website.

If you would like to sign up to our email newsletter to find out more about the work we do with life limited children and their families, we will also ask you to provide a little personal information such as your name and email address.

Cookie usage

As much as we love the tasty biscuit kind, this section of our privacy policy isn’t about cookies you eat but the computer kind!

Cookies are basically small digital files that are downloaded and stored on your browser. Their purpose is to send information back to Acorns, so that we can recognise you and provide a more personalised experience next time you visit our website. We may also use the information we collect from you using cookies to determine how you interact with our site. This allows us to check we are providing a good user experience and make improvements in the future.

There are actually two types of cookies. The first type is a session cookie. Session cookies are only stored on your browser for a single session, so as soon as you click the little X in the corner, they’ll disappear. The second type is a persistent cookie. These cookies are designed to live on your browser for a little longer. The idea is that next time you visit a website; these cookies will tell the site you’ve been there before, so it can provide a more personalised viewing experience.

Cookies aren’t compulsory, so if you don’t want Acorns to collect information from you, you can simply head into your website browser settings and block them. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you choose to block cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will have access to all parts of our website.

A final way we may collect information from you is by using cookies. Please have a read through the section below to learn more about Acorns’ cookie policy.

What we won’t do with your data

So now you know what we do with your information, it’s important that we tell you what we won’t do and that’s sell your information. Any information you provide to Acorns will be stored securely, until it is no longer of use. We will then dispose of it correctly, according to the regulations established by the Data Protection Act 1988.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Third party websites

Sometimes we may link to other websites within our website content or blog posts that we believe may be of use to our visitors. Please keep in mind that these third party websites are governed by their own privacy policies. We cannot be held responsible for their actions, as this privacy policy only covers the Acorns website.

Making changes to our privacy policy

Acorns reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any given time. We recommend popping back to this page each time you visit our website, so you remain in the know with any changes we have made.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our privacy policy. You can find out more about Acorns, the work we do and how you can help, by visiting our About Us page.

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