“Jingle Bells and Bows” – Letter from Santa


Reserve your letter from Santa and watch your child’s face light up with glee when they hear back from Santa in the North Pole!

Letters are a suggested donation of £6 each.

You can choose between two unique text versions for each letter template, letting you decide which is the best one for your child this Christmas.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read each text version in the description box. If you would like to send your Letter from Santa to different address than that of your billing address, please tell us on the order notes at checkout.

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Letters are a suggested donation of £6 each.

Version A text option:

Dear <insert child’s name>

It is nearly Christmas!

The elves have been very busy in the workshop and Rudolph has been helping to get all the reindeer ready to pull my sleigh.

I know that you have been very good this year, <insert activity here, e.g. working hard at school>.

Remember to continue to be good and you may then get the <insert present> that’s top of your Christmas wish list.

Rudolph and I should be delivering presents around midnight on Christmas Eve, so make sure you go to bed early and no peeking!

Have a very merry Christmas.



Version B text option:

Dear <insert child’s name>

Hello from the North Pole.

Mrs Claus and I are very excited about Christmas. It is our favourite time of year.

I can’t believe that you are <insert child’s age> years old now! I have heard all about you and you are definitely on my nice list this year.

A very special well done for <insert activity here e.g. working so hard at school>.

I look forward to visiting you on Christmas Eve and leaving your presents under the tree.

With love