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Acorns is proud to be partnering with SOAR Online, who are offering you a unique opportunity to receive an expert audio/visual audit of your business website in exchange for a donation to Acorns to support local children’s hospice care across the West Midlands. 

Make a minimum suggested donation of £50.00 to Acorns today to receive your expert web audit.

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How a website audit can benefit you

Donate today and for just a minimum suggested donation of £50.00* to Acorns, SOAR will provide expert analysis and insights on:

  • The general health of your website: page loading speed, indexed pages, mobile-friendly elements
  • Your Google footprint: How does your website look to Google?
  • How to generate revenue and more inbound leads
  • How to strengthen your digital presence
  • How your website can draw in larger amounts of search traffic
  • How you can be better than your competitors

*this web audit service is normally charged at £495.00. 

Are you making the most out of your website?

Let SOAR be the judge of that. For a minimum suggested donation of £50.00, their SEO specialists will provide an in-depth analysis of your website: what is working, what is not, and how you can improve it.

Oh, and we’ll show you how your competitors are performing online too.

What have you got to lose?

A word from the experts…

“There’s a ton of traffic available, we can see that from the volumes of keyword searches that are relevant across most sectors… getting into that top 3 of Google will monetise your website like nothing else”

Many businesses both small and large have seen the devastating effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sadly this is not the only ‘business interruption’ that can affect business revenues. At Soar, we have recognised the importance of, and value in ‘digitalising your business’. 

With its roots deep in Birmingham, Soar Online has brought together a team of experts in the fields of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), web design, development and social media marketing.

What you can expect – see through the eyes of a Guru

Here’s a perfect overview of what you can expect to receive in your own digital audit…

Taking a look at corporate hospitality experts, Eventmasters, our Head of SEO highlights the technical issues of the site, including an in-depth look at internal links, server errors, meta parameters, duplicate content and more.

By taking this approach, you will be able to see everything our SEO Guru sees, helping you to better understand the areas of improvement without the need to read pages and pages of a templated report!

Hugh's story - Acorns Children's Hospice

Hugh’s Story

Eleven-year-old Hugh has one of the biggest and brightest smiles. He is one of only 50 children in the UK to have been diagnosed with a condition called Fox G1 syndrome, which is so rare that it remained undiagnosed for eight years. This rare genetic disorder prevents the brain from developing properly causing profound, lifelong disabilities and epilepsy.

Hugh and his family have been supported by Acorns in Birmingham for the past 10 years.

Mum Emma explained: “Quite quickly, I started to notice that Hugh wasn’t like his older brother, Sean. There’s only 14 months between them. Hugh slept so well, but there was something odd about it. It was really difficult to get him to wake for feeds. He was also quite uninterested in the world around him.

“At nine months old, he started having seizures which was incredibly frightening. Hugh lay in between me and my husband Stephen at night, so we could keep an eye on him. We knew that if he moved in a certain way, he had stopped breathing. If he did, we’d jump up, turn on the lights and start mouth to mouth.

“Hugh was having up to 40 seizures a month. We couldn’t sleep but would have to just carry on the next morning. Hugh’s dad Stephen would go to work, and I’d have Hugh and his two-year-old brother Sean to look after. The support wasn’t there for us, so it was really hard.”

When Acorns was first mentioned, the idea of using a hospice was scary for Emma.

“The word hospice felt like it was all about death. I didn’t want to consider that was ever going to happen. What made me change my mind in the end was Hugh’s brother, Sean. He was missing out on a childhood because I was constantly worried about keeping his brother “alive. He needed his mum as well.

“We took it slowly as I was too scared to leave him with anybody else. At first, I stayed with him, but the staff never made me feel silly for that. After some time, I was happy to leave Hugh overnight.

“When he stayed, we could prioritise Sean. We could do things he wanted to do that Hugh wasn’t able to and he could have both his mum and dad together at the same time for once which was lovely.

“When Hugh was diagnosed, we didn’t know what his future looked like. We had so many unanswered questions. Coming to Acorns meant I could meet other parents in the same situation. They had the same kind of worries and understood what I was going through.

“Acorns has given us somebody to talk to, somebody that I can share my worst fears with. It helped us cope with the scary reality of what we were living with. They have given us an opportunity to spend time together as a family. Acorns protects us, like a little bubble. They hold us together.”

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