Acorns Inspirations Number 1

Acorns Parent Carer Champion Tony Frobisher has started a new blog series called ‘Acorns Inspirations’, he’ll be chatting to some fantastic fundraisers about their fundraising to help get you inspired.

In the first of these guest blogs Tony talks to 10 year old Benoît Deakin-Woods.

In the first of my Acorns Inspirations interviews, I was delighted to meet a truly remarkable and inspiring young man. Benoît Deakin-Woods is just like any other 10 year old boy. He loves football, is an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers fan (‘The first football word I ever heard – my Dad grew up there’), loves to play football too (a creative goal scorer and provider of many assists), but is also happy exercising his thumbs on video games.    

But Benoît is not just like any other 10 year old. Benoît is someone with an incredible drive, energy and a passion to do good. To help others, to try to improve the lives of children who are not as fortunate, those children who have life limiting conditions, severe disabilities and illnesses. The children Benoît learnt about from his Mum and Dad when they drove past Acorns for the Three Counties in Worcester. Upon learning about Acorns and the incredible work they do, Benoît decided he wanted to help. He wanted to make a difference. And he did just that.

In March 2021, Benoît decided to lace up his trainers and run to raise money for Acorns. Not just one run. But during the month of March Benoît, accompanied by his Dad, completed 40 miles of running. A quite incredible effort by someone of his age. He set out to raise £100 for Acorns Children’s Hospice. But his exploits caught the imagination of the Acorns community and beyond. The donations poured in and are currently at £1,205. Adding Gift Aid takes the total to almost £1,600. On the final day of the challenge, Benoît was dumbstruck as his Dad played a video message of congratulations from Wolverhampton Wanderers and England defender, Conor Coady.

I met Benoît and his family, Dad Simon, Mum Alexandre and his 5 year old sister Anaé at Worcester Woods Countryside Centre on a beautifully warm summer’s afternoon. We spent a pleasant 40 minutes walking through the woods, with Anaé racing ahead, pointing out squirrels and explaining the big hole in the base of a tree was where the badger lived. We took a few photos, Benoît proving he was much quicker than my camera…We chatted all things running and cycling and fundraising, enjoying the strange experience of actually meeting someone socially outside for a walk – something so sorely missed this last year or more. While Anaé and her Mum went off to the children’s play area, I sat down with Benoît and his Dad for an interview.

An interview with Benoît 

Read the full interview over on Tony’s blog.