Moving reason behind mum’s walk across broken glass

Mum Cara with her daughter Ellana who uses Acorns and her son Lucas at a Music Therapy session with Leanne. Cara holds Ellana above a large drum so she can feel the vibrations with her feet while Lucas bangs a rhythm
Cara with her daughter Ellana and son Lucas at a music therapy session at Acorns

Cara has a 2 year old daughter with a rare condition called MAND, after recieving support from Acorns Children’s Hospice she is giving back to the charity by taking on the Ice Walk

Ellana’s story

Ellana is two years old and has MAND syndrome, a condition that affects neurological and physical development. This means she is blind, is PEG fed as she can’t swallow, has no muscle strength so she is completely dependent on others to change her position and she has seizures. She also has frequent infections risking sepsis and irritable spells lasting up to 72 hours at a time which is torture for her to go through and for the family to witness.

Her mum Cara shares their journey to Acorns; “When she was diagnosed last year it was in the middle of lockdown 1 so we had little to no support from services and as we were shielding family also couldn’t help. That’s where Acorns came in and they were absolute lifesavers. Providing respite stays, physio in their hydrotherapy pools, music therapy and sibling therapy for Lucas.”

Mum Cara with daughter Ellana and son Lucas

To give back to Acorns for all their support, Cara is taking on a 15ft walk across broken glass to help raise funds for the charities care for life limited and life threatened children like Ellana.

“This is an amazing charity and one very close to our hearts. They are not only a charity but now part of our family so on behalf of Ellana I am raising money by doing a very daunting walk barefoot over broken glass. Given how accident prone I am this is scary but I want to do something for Ellana and Acorns.” Cara, Ellana’s mum

We are so grateful to Cara and all the other participants taking on our Fire and Ice Walk on Friday 11th March at Millennium Point in partnership with LoveBrum.

Join in the fun and help cheer on our brave Fire and Ice walkers like Cara, general entry tickets are available and there’ll be lots more entertainment for all ages.