Charlotte’s Facebook fundraiser

To mark her 21st birthday, Charlotte decided to create a Facebook birthday fundraiser to remember her cousin Matthew

Pictured left to right: Jess, Charlotte, Matthew and Tom

“I chose to do a Facebook birthday page for my 21st birthday. It was really easy to set up and it also makes sure my much loved cousin Matthew is remembered in all that we do.

“During this pandemic fundraising has dramatically reduced so I wanted to do something to help Acorns to whom my family will always be eternally grateful too.

“My cousin Matthew was cared for at Acorns for the Three Counties. His mum, dad and brother always spoke about how much of a lifeline Acorns was when my cousin Matthew was diagnosed with Batten disease. Matthew went to Acorns from age 5 to 7 when he sadly passed away.

“I visited a couple of times. Myself, Matthew, his older brother Tom and my sister Jess once had a family splash session in the hydrotherapy pool and I will always treasure the memories made there.

“When Matthew passed away our families support worker arranged a special tea party with chocolate cake at the hospice for my granny’s birthday. We wanted to be there as Matthew was in the special bedroom which helped us feel close to him and for him to be close to us all too.” – Charlotte

We are so grateful to people like Charlotte for choosing to mark their special days with a Facebook fundraiser, helping us to continue to create precious memories for the children and families we care for.

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