Fundraising Champions

I sit down to write this blog having just completed a 10-mile training walk with a fellow trekker.  My feet ache, my back aches and my face is stinging a little from the wind. Whilst I write a lot about the training my fellow trekkers and myself are doing, the bit you don’t see is the large sums of money they are raising…

Cakes are always a fundraising winner!

It costs Acorns almost £10million a year to run their care services in the hospices and community and Acorns relies heavily on the community to fund the majority of its activities. People often assume that Children’s Hospices are predominantly paid for by the NHS or government but this isn’t the case, fundraisers play such a vital role and as corny as it sounds every penny really does help.

The trekkers have set themselves some phenomenal targets and are working tirelessly to reach them. They somehow manage to fit running all sorts of events in amongst trying to work, train and normal day to day tasks. There have been car boot sales, concerts, family fun days, samosa sales, car washes and pub quizzes to name just a few.

The time and effort the trekkers are putting in is inspiring. Some of them have no link to Acorns at all but felt compelled to help in anyway possible. Running a fundraising event can take quite a bit of effort; obtaining raffle prizes, baking cakes, organising stall holders or standing out in the cold selling items.

But it is all worth it when you see how generous the general public can be and it doesn’t take much persuasion to coax a few pounds out of someone when you tell them in just a few words what Acorns does.

So, to the trekkers – keep up the fundraising, you are doing an amazing job and are making a real difference. To everyone else we appreciate your generosity and please keep giving to this amazing cause.

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