Get your business involved!

The local business community makes a significant contribution to the annual cost of delivering Acorns care services. In fact, we simply couldn’t provide the level of care we do without the support of our valued corporate partners.

There are various ways your business can generate vital funds for Acorns whilst encouraging team building and having lots of fun too. You might choose Acorns as your Charity of the Year, take part in corporate volunteering days at our shops, hospice gardens or events, or even commit to fundraise for a really special gift such as Pay for a Day – just like Sam and the team from DHL at Shire Park in Worcester.

DHL staff supporting Acorns

Sam and her dedicated colleagues achieved an impressive fundraising feat by raising £7,000 to fund 24 hours of care at an Acorns hospice.

To meet their ambitious target they set up a charity panel on site to come up with ideas, and organised a calendar of fun office events running throughout the year.  With regular support from Acorns, the intrepid fundraisers charted their progress with a wall display filled with event photos, fundraising achievements and thank you letters.

On their donation day, the team were welcomed to their chosen hospice where they were able to see first-hand the vital care they were funding.

“When you’re doing something for charity, it’s great to see where that money is going.

“Being able to see the difference Acorns is making to people gives you a real sense that you’re doing good and that you’re contributing towards something.”

– Sam, General Manager, DHL Supply Chain

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