Impact Report 2021

Yusuf and mum Iram enjoying the multisensory therapy room at Acorns

A time like no other

We feel genuinely privileged that since day one of the Covid crisis, we have been able to care for some of the most vulnerable young members of our community, and their families. This is entirely thanks to our supporters and our partnership with the NHS.

The families Acorns supports have told us how very difficult the past year has been. Almost all have endured long periods without the usual support network of family, friends, and carers. This Impact Report highlights how we adapted our service in response to the realities of the pandemic and to meet this urgent need.

The first question for Acorns at the outset of the crisis was ‘What can we do to help the families we support’? Almost immediately, we jumped into action.

The nature of the pandemic forced us to remodel our services. We concentrated our teams, offering residential care from two rather than three hospices, freeing up resources to meet the demand for ‘virtual’ support from shielding families.

We accepted some very poorly children who would otherwise have spent the pandemic in intensive care, and others who could not be cared for at home, offering a safe and joyful environment for these children and helping take pressure off the NHS.

The Acorns Family Services team kept in regular contact via video and phone. What mattered most to families in such worrying times was knowing they and their children were not forgotten. We will never forget the smiles or the messages of thanks from families as they received essentials on the doorstep, donated by our generous supporters.

I could not be prouder of what our incredible people have achieved. Our Care team continue to show incredible resilience in the face of unimaginable challenges, providing the same high level of care and compassion they always have.

To those of you who literally kept the doors open, and the lights on at Acorns throughout this pandemic with your kind and generous support, we thank you with all our hearts. This is your Impact Report too.

Toby Porter
Acorns Chief Executive

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