Jabran’s journey to Acorns

It’s easy to be caught up in assumptions and fears about children’s hospices. Many people are not aware of the wide range of services they provide, or when they hear the word “hospice” – jump to conclusions about what this means.

What sometimes surprises people the most is that children’s hospices are actually places full of joy and laughter, where families make lasting, precious memories. These families, whilst often facing times of sadness and loss, know that thanks to children’s hospices, they will never face these challenges alone.    Here’s something else that might surprise you. Despite being a qualified and experienced nurse, working in hospitals for nearly 10 years, Jabran – now a Staff Nurse at our Birmingham hospice – also shared those same preconceptions, even admitting the word “hospice” seemed quite scary. In this video, Jabran shares how his preconceptions were challenged and what he finds special about working at Acorns.

Before applying to work at Acorns, Jabran toured our hospice in Birmingham and was surprised to see it wasn’t how he thought it would be. Expecting to find a sad place he saw the reality was in fact very different.

Now a passionate member of our Care team, Jabran and his colleagues deliver vital care and support for families and create many happy memories for children with complex needs and their families.

Children’s hospices make a massive difference to the local community, providing a lifeline for those caring for a life limited or life threatened child.

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