How it feels to give The Greatest Gift – from an Acorns Family Team Worker

I’m Julie and I’m a Family Team Worker at Acorns Children’s Hospice. I was able to support Alexus, Natalie and the whole family through their journey at Acorns.

“I was the first person from Acorns that Mike and Sam were introduced to when they were told that Natalie wasn’t responding to treatment.

“As their Family Team Worker, my main role was to support them practically and emotionally. On an emotional level, I was there to listen and advise when they needed support. I also ensured we captured as many memories as possible.

“We arranged activities for them such as helping them create a family tree painting with all of their handprints. Mementos they could look back on with fondness.

“Practically, I took care of funeral arrangements so they could just be together after Natalie passed. From talking to them, it was clear that the family had been torn apart during the first five months of Alexus and Natalie’s lives.

“By coming to Acorns, we gave them the chance to just be a family and enjoy the things we take for granted as parents: that first bath, cuddles, a walk outside.

“Being there to support them and give them that time was The Greatest Gift.”

Julie, Family Team Worker at Acorns in the Black Country

At Acorns, we know that Christmas is all about creating cherished moments with those you love. But for the family of a life limited or life threatened child, these moments are even more precious.

Parents Sam and Mike are sharing Alexus and Natalie’s story as part of Acorns Christmas Appeal.

‘The Greatest Gift’ campaign aims to raise vital funds towards our care for life limited and life threatened children across the West Midlands and support for their families.

With your help Acorns can continue to give families like Alexus and Natalie’s the care and support they need, whatever challenges they may face.

Will you give The Greatest Gift to Acorns and help make sure they can be there for families this Christmas, and all year round?

With your help we will continue to give the gift of care and support to every child and family that needs it.