My New Best Friends

Kirsty’s blog: The first step of a long adventure

Hear from our family ambassador Kirsty Murray through our regular blog series as she prepares to take on our Great Wall of China Trek! #AcornsChinaTrek

I accepted this challenge as a complete trekking novice! Like everyone I’ve gone on the odd long walk but nothing serious and I had no “equipment”. So, I started where all research does – google. I read article after article about walking boots, trekking poles and I studied the kit list thoroughly. If my daughter Katie was up in the night then I used the time rocking her to research the best backpack or the must haves.

So, I thought I was quite prepared when I finally went walking boot shopping. How wrong I was. I went to a specialist shop and it was clear how experienced the sales person was. First thing I learnt – not all socks are the same! I had picked up a basic pink walking sock from the shelf and had planned to try boots on with these. However, I was then given a whistle stop store of the different weights, materials and properties of socks. It was clear my original choice would just not do.

Not all sock are the same!

Now with the right socks in hand it was time to move on to the boots. I tried pair after pair, walking around the store and up and down the wooden ramp they built. They made be bounce up and down in them and checked my foot positioning. After over an hour, and at least 20 different pairs, I found the perfect fitting pair. I was then showed the best way to tie laces for different types of walks– I never knew having comfortable feet could be so technical!

So now that my feet were ready, I was ready to start my training and here I am a week in. My walking boots have become my new best friends. I take them everywhere with me – work, home and they were the first thing I packed in the suitcase to go on holiday. I have manged to go walking everyday and am grateful we live in an area of the country where hills are aplenty and of course that I had comfortable feet!

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