Nurturing with nature

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To mark National Gardening Week find out how the gardens at our children’s hospices play a special role in our care for life limited and life threatened children and their families.

We have all got closer to nature over the past year, and realised the benefits spending time outdoors brings to our mental and physical wellbeing. At our three hospices, with the support of volunteers and donors, we have created beautiful outdoor spaces at our children’s hospices in Birmingham, Walsall and Worcester. Each one is specially designed to enable children and their families to spend quality time together outside

There is something wonderfully calming about spending time in a garden; feeling the breeze, seeing the array of colours and smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom.

.For children in particular, a garden is a blank canvas for imaginations to run wild; in the blink of an eye, a patch of grass can transform into the surface of an unexplored planet! For many of the children, we care for access to their garden at home isn’t possible.

Each of our hospice gardens offers something special for children to explore, including accessible play equipment. At Acorns in Birmingham, there is a boat for nautical adventures. At Acorns in the Black Country children can enjoy the wheelchair-accessible train allowing their imaginations to take them on an exciting adventure. At Acorns for the Three Counties, there is an accessible merry go round so children can spin and laugh along with their siblings.

There are sensory areas too, that give heightened awareness of sight, smell, and sound to help spark surprise and imagination. These include water fountains, scented plants, and bright flowers as well as wind chimes and musical instruments for children to engage with.

For parents and carers, the gardens act as a quiet place to visit. The beautiful surroundings help to offer a peaceful and calm moment.

There have been many changes in our gardens over the years, but one thing that has always remained the same is the joy and peace that they bring to families.

They are a place for fairytales, curiosity and exploration; they are sensory spaces of discovery for those in our care; a sanctuary for parents and carers and an area where families can spend important moments of fun and laughter together.

Thank you for helping us maintain our beautiful gardens with your donations and fundraising.

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