The other reasons to love Acorns

Kirsty’s blog: The other reasons to love Acorns

Hear from our family ambassador Kirsty Murray through our regular blog series as she prepares to take on our Great Wall of China Trek! #AcornsChinaTrek

From a recent training walk. We’re at the top of the mountain here to give you some perspective!

When people talk about Acorns and the incredible work they do they often talk about the hospices, respite care and the amazing facilities. But there are two other reason that often don’t really get talked about that much, but these are the reasons I love Acorns as much as I do. In this blog I will talk about the first one – the home support.

We had been in Gloucester Royal Children’s Hospital for a couple of months when one of the amazing nurses suggested to our consultant that he refer us to Acorns to look at the palliative care. We were advised to go and meet a lovely lady called Sandra at the Worcester Hospice for her to show us around the facilities and what they offered. Acorns was amazing but at that point in our journey it was also heart breaking. In the words of my husband at the time, “it’s a great place but you have to remember the reason we were being referred”. Thankfully Ella pulled through and we were able to go home.

Not long after getting home, Sandra visited me. She offered amazing emotional support and came to visit whenever I needed a chat, or just to offload. We laughed together and cried together. She was there to help whenever I needed help with charity referrals, getting equipment, organising our respite, making sure by any means possible we were at home rather than in hospital for Christmas and a million other things you could ever think of.

When Ella passed away it was Sandra that was there for us. She came straight to the hospital even thought it was 3am, she was there to help us through and explain what would happen next and she even drove the three of us up to the Three Counties hospice herself. The following day, despite only having a few hours’ sleep herself she was there to help me with the funeral, she did everything she could to help us that week.

Even months and years later we still see Sandra, our relationship has changed slightly but we still laugh and cry together. She has helped me move into the next phase of my life and has introduced me to people on the same journey and works along side me helping others through my own charity. She still meets me when I go up to visit the memorial garden and whenever I have a wobble I always know that with just one phone call she’ll be there to help pick me back up.

So this blog is dedicated to Sandra and the other amazing community team workers – thank you! And please support us in our effort (and I can assure you there is a lot of effort going into training for China) to raise funds so work like this can carry on supporting the amazing families of special children.

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